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Thursday 9 April 2020

Unleash the KALIYUGA warrior!

Shifting from knowledge of facts to knowledge of values is must to unleash the KALIYUGA warrior!

As per the report of world economic forum, India as the world’s largest democracy and the country with one of the highest number of scientists and engineers leading as key political, social and economic players will shape the route of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  India’s distinguishing demographic advantage, technical aptitude and ability for innovation, combined with the advancing opportunities of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, can improve its position as a leading force in global economic, political and strategic associations. But are our executive corporate designers ready with the techno-functional and life skills to face the dynamic challenges?  The role of executive corporate designers calls for not just adding value but to shift from knowledge of facts to knowledge of values and to be ready to unleash the KALIYUGA warrior in them. A KALIYUGA challenge is characterized here by Knowledge, Advancement, Legality, Improvement, Youthful, Uncertain, governance and Ability (p. 1).  How can organizations put dynamic capabilities into practice by facing the challenges? In the 21st century paradigm shifts in the revolutionary innovations in management how managers do what they do in different roles?  
By making the Executive corporate designers more responsible, self reliant, sensitive, supportive, visionary, enthusiastic, balanced, understanding, humanitarian, innovative and dedicated with respect to the specific functions as to Setting goals and laying out plans, Motivating and aligning effort, Coordinating and controlling activities, Accumulating and allocating resources, Acquiring and applying knowledge, Building and nurturing relationships, Identifying and developing talent, and Understanding and balancing the demands of outside constituencies. An efficient executive corporate designer can definitely contribute for not only for the organizational growth but for the progress of nation by caring the society. The Skill Enhancement framework for nation building designed (p. 2) can be applied in this context as presented in the figure as it will be apt in channelizing the skills.
              Dr.Chi's Skill Enhancement Framework for Nation Building

The responsibility of executive corporate designers is not restricted to innovation and creativity but to value additions too. Their ability to align design with business interests in an innovative way, to communicate with team, merging it with technological know-how by adding value in all the spheres.  Further research is suggested as to test the applicability of the above model in different sectors and locations. The model adaptability is to be tested in corporate as well as campus level as further study. All the stakeholders are responsible and the academicians, corporate, administrators and the society shall join hands to face the challenges of innovations in a unified manner. 
Looking ahead, India must continue on its journey toward holistic structural reforms that are conducive to boosting the sustainability and resilience of its economy, while also ensuring that the progress reaches a broad base. India should focus on modern infrastructure, social services and the connectivity becoming of a developed economy and create more jobs; wealth and value to accommodate the aspirations of a young and upwardly mobile population and to assist it eliminate poverty. Policy solutions inspired by a vision of a regenerative, inclusive and sustainable economy will ensure that the milestone of a $5-trillion economy coincides with a stronger India at the national, international, and grassroots level for enabling a caring society. Achieving that scale of change in a country with more than 1.3 billion people who speak dozens of different languages and dialects and have different customs and cultural practices is epic. But with its geographic and demographic size and extensive diversity, India can establish itself as a role model and inspiration for the world through its response to these opportunities, with a resounding impact on our collective future. 
Indians believe in chanting together ‘Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’. This mantra promote teamwork, kindness and living in harmony with the surroundings, animals and our fellow human beings. This mantra is not yet outdated as this focus on Developing Aspirational India, Economic development for all and a caring society. Let us join hands together in this noble mission!

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