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Tuesday 14 April 2020

Adding Value to intelligence!

Adding value to intelligence!

Not just presence of mind, but intelligence is also a powerful tool for us to grow.  I was moved by a story heard in a satsang. Let me share the same to you all!
Long back the city people used to go for adventure trips and hunting in weekends. A big city lawyer Amish, went for hunting in a rural village nearby. He shot and dropped a pigeon, on the field of a farmer on other side.  Amish was in a hurry to taste the meat of pigeon so rushed to the field without waiting to take permission of the land owner. Amish who is a Lawyer himself, decides to trespass! As Amish climbed over the boundary wall and jumped inside, the land owner Gopal saw him and asked him what he was doing. Amish looked at Gopal. A farmer was   standing amidst of his routine farming work. Dirty clothes and the face was with full of sweat. Amish did not felt to reply him and walked further to take the bird. The farmer again asked sir, what you want, I can help you, please tell. Amish laughed, a farmer is offering help to a well-known successful lawyer. He ignored the farmer and walked further. This time the farmer said, sir you are trespassing, this is my land and tell me what you are looking for in my field.
Amish was irritated. He responded that he shot a pigeon and it fell in the field, and he is searching to take it. The aged farmer replied that it is ok to take it back but the basic manners demands to get the permission of the land owner. Amish was furious to hear that he lacks the basic manners and warned the farmer that he is well-known lawyer and the farmer don’t know his reach and to stay away.
The time, hearing the threatening voice of Amish, Gopal was firm and said ‘This is my land and I am not permitting you to get in’ Amish angrily said, ‘I am one of the best lawyer in the city and if you don't let me take my pigeon I’ll sue in court and even I can take this entire land also, just remember that’. Gopal smiled and said, ‘sir, I am an old farmer, I won’t be alive to settle this matter in court, why can’t we settle it right now? We settle small difference like this in our village with the three kick rule’. Gopal explained the three kick rule as both of them have to give three kicks to each other in a round and till any one of them surrenders the rounds will continue. Amish thought, I am so well fit and young, the old farmer can’t do any harm to me. Moreover Amish decided to follow the village rule as he can take his pigeon. Also, decided to teach a lesson to the farmer to mess with such a genius lawyer.
Amish gave permission to Gopal to start first round. To his shock, Gopal’s first kick itself made Amish fall down in his knees! His second kick he felt the taste of the first suck of his mother’s milk in his mouth again! The third kick was on his backbone. Now it was turn of Amish to give back. He decided to give the kicks with interest! Amish said now it’s my turn. Gopal smiled and said, ‘No sir, I am old, I admit my failure, you won the match. I can’t fight with a young well built chap so I give up. You won and you can have the pigeon’. Amish stood motionless before the intelligent farmer! Even as a lawyer I failed to ask the complete rules of the game. There is no scope to give the kick back as the farmer has replied in a smart manner the insult I gave him. The kick was reply to my arrogance, pride and foolishness. Gopal handed over the pigeon to Amish and asked ‘sir, do you like to have a coffee or tea’. Amish couldn’t stop even to reply as felt so worthless.
When you are in hasten and arrogant you will never wait to hear the complete truth. You'll hear only half and you will believe only half of what you hear. When you're intelligent, you will hear fully and you will know which half to believe. Intelligence is a powerful means for human life, learn to utilize it wisely. Education adds knowledge of facts but learning adds knowledge of values!

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